Surf lessons Seignosse Hossegor Capbreton

A formula for the ones who start making progress or for those who want a full coaching.

This solution allows you to benefit from total support, for catch a white waves or simply further training in waves that did no brake yet (green-waves).

Surf is a sport which requires patience and determination and also some good advice not to waste any time!

90€ 1 person*
75€ 2 peoples*
60€ 3 peoples*
Duration 1H15/ Price per person*

The program

The take off, pass the braking waves, the offshore positioning, to take on waves and to take a path, and maneuvers if your level is confirmed.

The take off

It’s the start ! No matter if on a long or short board, on a small or big wave, this is a crucial step requiring a whole lot of attention.
The move is so fast that it then becomes automatic; this is why it is very important to learn it properly without making big mistakes.

Pass the braking waves

One of the tough steps learning surf is to manage to pass behind the waves. Indeed, to be able to take on the waves before they break, it is necessary to go offshore by getting around the breaking zone whenever possible or by using the « duck » or the « turtle »techniques to pass the wave from underneath.

The offshore positioning

Knowing to position properly offshore and wait for the waves at the right spot, the surfers call it the « seamanship » « . Analysis of waves and of the spot is essential for a good positioning to take on the waves.

Take on the waves

Analyzing, paddling, correcting the position to have the best placement. Getting in the wave is one of the most important steps; indeed it will have a big impact on your efficiency to surf the wave at the best. « RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE »

Take a path

We can compare surf to a fighting sport, you need to adapt constantly to the behavior of the wave. It is important to know what to do and at which moment.


The bottom-turn, the roller, the snap, the cutback, the floater, the turn, all these maneuvers are essential in surf training because they are functional. They allow to use the potential of the wave at its maximum and to surf farther distance on the wave using the vertical paths.